Wasp is a light hull in Tanki Online. It is the lightest, as well as fastest, among the hulls, but has the lowest protection in exchange to speed. The lightest and fastest hull after Wasp is Hornet. It is first available at the rank of Recruit.


Wasp, while low on protection, is packed with speed. It is also very unstable and maneuvering takes practice, and recoil from long-range weapons is often enough to flip it. These characteristics have also made Wasp a popular hull in parkour games, and in Format Battles it has its own type- BP- a combination of Wasp and Railgun. It is also the first hull to become available to new players, along with Hunter.

Pros and Cons

Plus Pros:

  • Very fast
  • Offers good maneuverability
  • Its small dimensions allow Wasp to go through narrow places and to easily hide
  • Ideal for parkour

Minus Cons:

  • Has the lowest armor in the game
  • Low weight- can be pushed easily
  • Can get flipped easily with high-recoil turrets



A realistic rendering of Wasp and Smoky

Wasp is very fast, and can also circle around enemies without their turret catching up, which makes the usage of close-range turrets such Firebird and Freeze very good combinations of Wasp. When used with Isida, it also makes an ideal combination for quickly locating teammates with low health and healing them. Its speed can also make taking the enemies' flag and retreating in the CTF mode take very little time.

Its small size also allows it to go through small holes in some of the maps, and also to hide behind small obstacles. It can also be hidden easily, especially with the right usage of paints.

Upgrades overview

  • Wasp M1- M1 wasp gets faster, stronger and quicker in turning than before. It gets a new set of tracks and a "skirt" to cover the wheels from damage. It will be further extended through more upgrades.
  • Wasp M2- Wasp M2 is further powered up as you would expect. It gets a stylish skirt and a change in tracks. It becomes noticeably faster, more protective and better at turning than before.
  • Wasp M3- At M3 Wasp is changed significantly again. Its skirt now covers almost all of the wheels, the tracks are changed and the tank gets a little blue light on its left side. Its instability and low weight allow it to climb up walls and do tricks which other tanks cannot. When Double Armor is used, it is as protective as Mammoth M2.

Table of characteristics

M0 M1 M2 M3
Rank available Rank icon 1 Recruit Rank icon 10 Sergeant-major Rank icon 22 Colonel Rank icon 26 General
Price Crystal100 Crystal13,100 Crystal102,700 Crystal215,700
Accumulative price Crystal100 Crystal13,200 Crystal115,900 Crystal331,600
Protection 71.2 95.4 136 149.6
Speed 10.1 10.79 11.85 12.21
Maneuverability 77.5 94.9 121.3 130.1
Weight 1136 1391 1779 1909
Power 836 947 1116 1173
View in Garage
Hull wasp m0
Hull wasp m1
Hull wasp m2
Hull wasp m3


  • It is the fastest, smallest and least protective hull in Tanki Online

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