Woah!! Today felt so long. But it was awesome. I made a personal best for edit points in a day. I got 1 gold badge, 2 silver badges, and 1 bronze badge; calculating into= 210 points! I think I made pretty good edits.

speaking of gold, silver, bronze, did you watch the Olympics? Some of it? I did, LIKE EVERYDAY. I'm in Canada just so you know, and I'm so HAAPPYY we got 10 gold, something silver (I forgot, maybe like 9), and something bronze (lol, I don't know this either, maybe like 7).
1219790204 canadian olympic committee logo

Sochi was pretty cool. But the wierd part is that when the next Winter Olympics start in 2018 (Seoul), I'm gonna 18 years old!!! (or 17, depending on the month). Can't wait!

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