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  • I live in Somewhere that in Japanese is good morning, and it also means in some native-american language great river. sure... you're going to google translate right now aren't you?
  • I am some random gamer who is probably on a keyboard right now.
  • Samurott101

    You're in this all-new place,

    With machines around you fighting, face-to-face.

    You spawn and you know what to do-

    Get first place!

    I see a Smoky

    Killing an Ay-ef-kay Thunder

    Man, that's low-key!

    It backs up, Turning toward me -

    Hits a mine like a lil' newbie

    Shots fired, all around

    Tanks fall when they spawn on the ground.

    People are standing on the turf

    Acting like puny serfs

    Lasers askew,

    Red an' Blue

    Railguns Blue and Red Shafts too,

    All. Aiming. At. You.

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  • Samurott101


    December 12, 2014 by Samurott101
    [1]uhhh.... hi?Samurott101

    hi! i am samurott101

    my tankionline account is samurott101. It is a warrant officer 4 account. I have captured 15 goldboxes by now. i like to have things kept up to date, do you will see me editing a TON when a new update is out. Thank you for listening.

    also, my secondary account is... ShinySamurott99

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