Hey there, RSA here, I just wanted to give you an update on everything that has been going on for the past few months. One of the reasons AI have not been able to work on the wikia is because I had to go to Africa because my grandmother there died. Also another reason is because my computer at home is not working. I finally managed to get Tanki up and running and I am still the same rank but as soon as I got back to using shaft I beat everybody without dying more than two times. That for me is a personal record for my part. Also I want to apoligize to the new rollbacker for being so harsh, I have been running this wikia for a very long time by myself because everyone has not really been cntributing. Also if the new rollbacker abuses his rights I will take them away and ban you for as long as I can. Also if you do a good job here, I will give you better permissions as long as it is ok with Arceus. That goes for all of you too. 

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