Hey there Tanki fans, today I am going to updating you on all the recent events that have happened in the wiki and in Tanki Online. First of all, today is "Tankman Day" where everything is 50% off! So, if you have been wanting something for a long time and it was too expensive for you, I recommend you go and buy it right now! Second of all, the tanks and turrets have been completely updated and now me and Adnan have to update and maintain the other pages. And last but not least is that me and Adnan hope that there will be more turrets/hulls coming out soon, also as soon as I get lightwave, I will be making professional copies of what me and Adnan have made in the prototype section. Todays advice is for assault tankers: The best weapon for attacking at VERY close range is Firebird, because of its burning effect, firebir can desroy up to M1 Mammoths even at M0.

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