Hey there Tanki fans, its me again Rsa-ga7 back with another update for all of you. First of all, Adnan and I have created a prototype center for all of you to make your custom tanks/weapons with their own stats. If you have a tank/weapon that you would wish to submit, send it to either Adnan or me. Second of all, I will now start giving advice on my blogs starting today. Also if you ever need any help, just ask one of the administrators for some help, if they dont get back to you on time, try another admin for help. My advice today is for snipers. If you are a good sniper but after the rebalance you do not know which weapon would be the best to choose for sniping, I would recommend Shaft. I would recommend this weapon because of it's powerful and accurate sniping capabilities. If you wish to know how to snipe better in a certain map, for instance; in silence (1, 2, or moon whichever) if you are on the red team, go next to a small red shipping container overlooking a ramp going up to the blue teams territory. From there you can shoot down many tanks from there. I always choose this spot because that is how I get first place in the games, and that is my advice for today.

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