Hey there fellow Tanki fans, I just wanted to update you on, well everything that has been happening around the wiki for the past few weeks so, let me get started. First of all, we have a new admin here; give it up for: Adnan! So Adnan send me a message telling us how you like being the new admin around here. Second of all, after Adnan updated all those pages, the wiki has become very popular after that. Also if any of you want to contribute to my fan fiction, just let me know. Oh yeah, if you want to make a fan fiction, just le any of the admins know about it so they can post it up on the fan fiction wall too. The new wiki users, yes all of you noobs who just joined this wiki, it is you guys that make me do this sort of thing, like making my new blogs and updating the wiki and sooner or later I might even start uploading some of my gameplay to you guys. So all of you contributors to this wiki, I just want to let you know to please ask your friends to join too and please do not make any nonsence stuff or any page destruction. Well this is your beloved admin Rsa-ga7 signing out.

So later on today, about an hour later, Adnan responded and this is what he said:

When I first joined this wiki, I had an aim to make this wiki flourish, to make it spread, to make it really alive. I had a feeling that I must become a member in this site and so I did. After the updates board started to look as if it were flooded by my edits I wanted to become a real contributor to the website. So I went to Rsa-ga7 and requested him for admin rights. He didn't seem to respond but Arceus gave me Chat Mod rights instead. One day I found out that I had reached the top 3 highest editors place. After that I started editing a lot. I would spend a few hours just editing Tanki Online Wikia articles. After that I reached third place. Even later I finally reached second. Then I again went to Arceus and requested Admin rights. And At last ! I finally got Admin status the next day. And now I... as an Admin feel happy to say that I like this Wiki. I still update and edit the wiki. I now want to some day reach #1. It's my last wish. I'll still edit articles in the wiki. It's the first wiki I ever joined in and I am going to dedicate my experience into it.

Thank You.

  Your dear friend 


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