Cursed To Fail

“Cursed to fail, to roam the earth for all eternity to try to help others but yet fail, I curse the all the deathless. To break the curse means almost certain death. Only the one they call Luke can break the curse. A curse that was created never to be broken, but all curses a have way to be broken. My army must destroy Luke!”

“General, when’s our next break, the rest of the army thinks it’s time to stop, we don’t want a revolt on our hands.” Night Hawk said frantically. “No! We are almost there, if we stop now, the Spirit Walkers will catch us and destroy us! If the army wants to stop then let them stop. But warn them that if the Spirit Walkers catch us, they will have no mercy. Rsa died to protect us, he died believing that we will destroy the Spirit Walkers; he died with faith in his army. I promised him that I would not let him down! He couldn’t stop them all; I promised him that I would protect his army but mostly his brother Luke!” The General replied intensely. “Yes sir!” Night Hawk shouted. “ALL RANKS GO GO GO!!! THE ENEMY IS 3 KILOMETERS BEHIND US! THEY HAVE FOUND US!! PREPARE FOR BATTLE!!!” The General commanded. The army frantically loaded their weapons while The General requested reinforcements. “Send in plan B immediately!” The General ordered into his com device. A voice on the other end replied: “Yes sir! Remember the consequences though general.” Almost immediately, two thunderbirds shot through the air and started firing at the Spirit Walkers. “General! Why did you call those in, don’t you know that they will attack us immediately after they are through with the enemy!” “They never will get through with them, there are too many. Tell the other troops to retreat. Find Luke and protect him with your life! As for I, there is something I must do.” The General ordered. Immediately when The General stopped talking, both thunderbirds dissolved into thin air and the Spirit Walkers continued their advance on to The General’s army. “GO, I CAN HOLD THEM OFF LONG ENOUGH FOR YOU GUYS TO GET AWAY!!!! Night Hawk, protect Luke; I cannot let my best friends brother die. As for I, I will fight until my very last breath!” The General said. “Fine, if you’re going to do that, then I’m going down with you! No buts about it, I am going to avenge my parents after those things killed them” Jason shouted. Both The General and Jason charged at the Spirit Walkers, only then could they truly see the creatures face, it was humanoid in form but had the face of a horrible creature and carried dozens of weapons and traps and was 10 feet tall. Both Jason and The General took down several in in a couple of hours while working together but as they both fought the Spirit Walkers, they believed they saw Rsa fighting in the midst of them all so they rushed over while defending themselves and found themselves face to face with Rsa. They were all happy to see each other but under the circumstances their joy was quickly crushed when Jason died. “NOOO!!! JASON!!!” Rsa shouted. Now consumed with rage Rsa proceeded to start fighting an army that he could not defeat ever. “How are you still alive Rsa” The General said in between grunts and blows to the face from fighting. “I have been cursed, I cannot die, but I have also been cursed to fail, and it has affected you guys too and...” Just then, Rsa was impaled through the back with a javelin from one of the Spirit Walkers, Rsa did not get up...

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