• Penguin-Pal

    Hi everyone,

    Good news! From now you can display a live preview of your 3D tank in the wiki! This is possible tanks to the recent Statistics mechanism, that includes a 3D model of the previewed tanker. A script that i had written, which allows you to embed it to the wiki, has just went live, and now we can all embed our tanks in our wiki userpages!

    Here's an example with my account, AN_602:

    In order to add your own tank, you can put anywhere: ]] 19:22, November 10, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Penguin-Pal

    le meme

    October 26, 2015 by Penguin-Pal

    Here i shall post some of the dumbest memes internet has yet to know. I might even post some of those in the Meme topic in the TO forum for people to press the Dislike button... oh right there's no such thing anymore. gg tanki.

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  • Penguin-Pal

    Hi there,

    So like most of the active players, i've also been waiting for Tanki's Birthday since the Christmas discount in last december, saving up for a new gear. So in the last 2 days, when hulls and turrets are -50% off, it seemed like a great opportunity to get rid of the excess crystal weight and start earning again. So this blog is just a quick review about my recently-purchased equipment, and the differences between it and its lower Ms.

    Viking is kinda my default- and favorite- hull in the game. Its good protection, with its still good speed for a medium hull, makes it ideal for all sorts of playing modes in nearly any map.

    What i bought: M2

    When upgrading your M1, you get a fresh new look and a cool M2 badge in the garage. But you don't…

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