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    May 11, 2015 by Firedragon III

    I am now a moderator! Thanks, guys!

    Trusted promoted me to moderator, chat moderator, and gave me rollback rights. Thanks! I will now observe the wiki, and make sure everything is going smoothly.

    However, I have a private issue that might prevent me from editing as often. Still, I hope to edit more!

    Thanks, guys!

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  • Firedragon III

    A classic scenario: You have a railgun. You turn your turret slowly and find your next target. As you scan the battle, a shaft's laser is suddenly upon you! Who will win?

    Both have the same hull, you choose, but there are no power-ups.

    Here are some things that might change your mind:

    Shaft has the greatest damage in one shot out of all the turrets. Shaft has the slowest reload time when compared to other turrets in their modification category. Railgun needs to wait a little before it hits. On the contrary, once you release the space bar, the shaft can shoot.

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  • Firedragon III

    Welcome to another blog post on Turret vs. Turret! For this one, I am going to use two very powerful turrets from my past experience. The two featured turrets are: Isida and Freeze! Now, I have been facing a lot of situations when I am Isida and the other person is freeze, while I am freeze and the other guy is isida. In both cases, I have destroyed the other guy, and the other guy destroyed me. So, I want you guys to vote: Which is better, Isida or Freeze? When they are in a one-to-one match, who would win?

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  • Firedragon III

    Hello! This is the very first blog post that is in the VS section. It was especially popular in other wikis. I'll give you a scenario, and I want you to see who would win. Just imagine if you had a turret and was versing another guy with the other turret with your skill. Who would win? Vote below.

    This blog post's battle:

    Smoky vs. Thunder

    Both of them will have the same hull.

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