• Delta.X1

    The Freeze Turret

    July 30, 2015 by Delta.X1


    Pros (From my experience)

    -It can slow eneimies down while doing a good amount of DMG to them

    -It works well with the Viking, Hornet, Dictator, and Wasp (and those make pretty OP combos if your skilled enough)

    -Great gun for flag capturing and defending

    -Great gun for melee combat, as its freeze and high DMG effects help out a lot

    -If you want to go on a killing spree the Freeze is a good option 

    Cons (From my experience)  

    -Most heavy hulls don't really work that well with the Freeze

    -Isn't really that great with long ranged battles (because of most Freeze users don't pay attention to the range upgrade)

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