Another Picture By An Eyewitness:


Another Witness


A Photo From Russian Forum


The picture says: Dreams, dreams...


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Eye-witness vidoes

Администратор Godmode ON Tanki Online02:32

Администратор Godmode ON Tanki Online

Just so you know, there is NO SOUND in this video

Godmode On!!!!00:47

Godmode On!!!!

Game play With Godmode ON 3GOLD BOX03:31

Game play With Godmode ON 3GOLD BOX

Tanki Online - Godmode ON Battle - 3 Gold Boxes - Raphael203:47

Tanki Online - Godmode ON Battle - 3 Gold Boxes - Raphael2

Why people think is is put in the game.


I think Godmode_ON is sort of like Herobrine in MineCraft. He is an unexplained player in the game that people know little about. He goes throught the game destroying other players. When destroyed, he rains many rewards for those who destroyed him. I also think that he was made to put the skills of those who believe to be true tankers to the test.

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