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    Godmode ON

    October 21, 2014 by CelestialMaelstrom
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    Another Picture By An Eyewitness:

    Another Witness

    A Photo From Russian Forum

    The Whole Photo

    Why people think is is put in the game.

    I think Godmode_ON is sort of like Herobrine in MineCraft. He is an unexplained player in the game that people know little about. He goes throught the game destroying other players. When destroyed, he rains many rewards for those who destroyed him. I also think that he was made to put the skills of those who believe to be true tankers to the test.

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    June 21, 2014 by CelestialMaelstrom

    Tanki has something you can buy in the garage called "product kits." A kit has several items combined into a single offer. Together, they cost between half of the price or twenty percent of the same goods that can be purchased separately. You must use crystals to get these kits. Different kits are for different ranks. The lower kits can be bought by low-rankers and high kits can only be bought when a player reaches the required rank. Find out more about Supplies here. There are dozens of paints in Tanki, and you can find out about them here.

    These product kits cannot be bought any more as they are completely out of the game. Most players found no reason to buy an M0 Product Kit (even low-rankers). The upside, however, was the greater amount…

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