Hello fellow tankers. Before I start this new series I came up with, I would like to ask you to comment to see if this once a week or once every 2 week series is a good idea. These are my opinions on the uses of each turret so if you disagree in any way, comment down below your argument or question and I will answer it to the best of my ability. Now lets get started.

Spotlight: Freeze

Today's blog is all about the coldest turret in Tanki; Freeze. This turret has many perks to it. For starters, it is the fastest rotating turret in the game, allowing for a maximum advantage of its splash damage. This turret is amazing to use against any turret due to its OP ability to freeze the movement and slow any enemy down in its tracks. This turret is the only turret that I have seen that can be used effectively on any hull. For example, if you need to chase down an enemy flag carrier in CTF or the limited time ASL modes, wasp is perfect since the enemy will not be able to turn their turrent in time to destroy you. This advantage can also be used in TDM to help your team out. Freeze is also good on mammoth because you can guard your flag in CTF or a single point in CP extremely well because you are so hard to kill. If any enemy tries to destroy you, the quick rotation time will get their quick and catch them by surprise. Freeze is also good to cool down an overheating Vulcan. Freeze is also great because you can get an M3 version at a lower level.

Downsides of Freeze

The Freeze effect does not last very long so it is key to keep shooting the enemy until they explode. Also it has an extremely short range so if they are on a slower turret, you might be able to do a quick escape.

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