Spotlight: Smoky

To me, Smoky is the most underestimated and least used turret. Many people think it is too weak (which is true that it does do little damage) and that its alternatve Thunder is much better. However they are super wrong. Smoky has a couple tricks up its sleeve (even though tanks don't have sleves) to make it a danger on the battle field. For starters it has the Second highest impact force in the game (More than even Shaft!!!!) allowing it to totally throw off any aim, allowing their shot to completely miss you. (Note: Thunder's splash damage has the potential to still hit you). This turret also can be a cool parkour tank since its impct force is so strong, allowing it to do cool flips for dayz. Second of all, it has an extremely high rotation speed allowing you to follow any enemy no matter what hull they are using. This is also good if you are running around an enemy and want to hit them from behind. Third of all, it has one thing that no other turret has, the devistating critical shot. The critical shot really makes this turret extremely OP due to the amount of sheer damage it does. Of course it is a rare occurence but each shot you take makes you have a higher chance of the critical shot. Finally it can be used with any hull with relative ease. Personally, I would use it with hunter or viking because they are very stable. It is also good with Wasp but just becareful because you can flip it very easily. 

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