Captain Hayden

aka Discord Manager

  • I live in Mainly in the Discord Realm
  • My occupation is Mainly to take care and organize Diep Discord events
  • I am Male
  • Captain Hayden

    To me, Smoky is the most underestimated and least used turret. Many people think it is too weak (which is true that it does do little damage) and that its alternatve Thunder is much better. However they are super wrong. Smoky has a couple tricks up its sleeve (even though tanks don't have sleves) to make it a danger on the battle field. For starters it has the Second highest impact force in the game (More than even Shaft!!!!) allowing it to totally throw off any aim, allowing their shot to completely miss you. (Note: Thunder's splash damage has the potential to still hit you). This turret also can be a cool parkour tank since its impct force is so strong, allowing it to do cool flips for dayz. Second of all, it has an extremely high rotati…

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  • Captain Hayden

    Hello fellow tankers. Before I start this new series I came up with, I would like to ask you to comment to see if this once a week or once every 2 week series is a good idea. These are my opinions on the uses of each turret so if you disagree in any way, comment down below your argument or question and I will answer it to the best of my ability. Now lets get started.

    Today's blog is all about the coldest turret in Tanki; Freeze. This turret has many perks to it. For starters, it is the fastest rotating turret in the game, allowing for a maximum advantage of its splash damage. This turret is amazing to use against any turret due to its OP ability to freeze the movement and slow any enemy down in its tracks. This turret is the only turret tha…

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