From Adnan Bhuiyan

16:54, March 8, 2015 (UTC)

Dearest readers/admins,

This is a letter I made to personally to notify that I wil not be able to be active in the wiki for the period 9 Mar- 23 Mar 2015, my finals are due to occur in this period which is why I have to limit my Internet activity for maximum concentration. I would like Rsa to handle my work till the time period is finished, thank you everybody for helping me go through my stresses, I consider all of you my closest friends and would like to deeply thank you for supporting me at trying to make this wiki a successful feat, your encouragement is what drives my passion to put in more and more information into this wiki and it makes me feel as if it actually means something to everyone out there, in the web. I never really expected that this wiki would become such a big database thanks to our contributed efforts, it makes me feel as if I am connected deeply with the wiki and all it's readers and editors, I don't know how popular our wiki is, perhaps there are still too little but what I do know is that there will be someone to read this letter I made, a letter especially made with love :)

Thank you everybody and I wish you good luck forever !

(P.S. I'm not leaving yet ! See you after 23 March !)

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