Upgrades are modifications that allow players to enhance their equipment's parameters. All upgrades can be performed in the garage, and cost a given sum of crystals.

Upgrade types

There are two types of upgrades:

M upgrades

Each turret and hull has 4 different versions: M0, M1, M2 and M3. When a player buys a given hull or turret for the first time, they would receive its M0 version, which is the most basic and least powerful of all versions of that item. As the player earns more experience points and ranks up, higher versions of items will be unlocked, which comes with improved stats (e.g. more rotation speed and damage for turrets, and higher speed and protection for hulls).

If a player reaches a certain rank for that item, then the player will only have to pay for the cost of that item for highest M upgrade they can get. This way the player wont have to waste the money on the "useless" low level M upgrade (e.g. if a player reached a rank high enough for buying Railgun M2, yet has its M0 version, they wouldn't have to buy the M1 version first, they will be able to buy the M2 version straight away). This is with an exception of items bought via product kits, which are availabel regardless of whether or not the player has the previous version of the sold item in the given kit. However, since September 17, 2015, players only need to buy the most advanced M version of an item at their rank, without buying the versions "in the middle".[1] As part of this update, the version of the item was added after its name in the garage (e.g. "Isida" → "Isida M2"). This was revealed in episode #59 fo the Tanki V-Log.[2]


Main article: Micro Upgrades

Each turret and hull, as well as most paints, has a series of parameters, each corresponds to a given property of the item which can be enhanced. Each parameter has its initial value and maximum value. Between them is a number of steps- each one approaches the maximum value of that parameter, and a price for each step. The more advanced the step of a given parameter is, the higher the price for the next step is.

In the case of turrets and hulls, if a parameter is fully-upgraded, the player receives a discount for the next M version of the item. If all parameters are upgraded (a "fully micor-upgraded" turret/hull), then they will have the parameters of the next M upgrade and they will be able to get the next M upgrade for free.

In the case of paints with parameters, each parameter corresponds to a protection against some turret.


Micro-upgrades do not make any difference to how items look in the battle, but each M version of an item has its own look. Generally, the versions go by the following designs:

  • M0- a very "flat" version of the item. Most of the surface is covered by the tank's paint, and there is barely any metal (for hulls- at the front and rear, as well as on the turret-connection segment; for turrets- mostly the barrel).
  • M1- typically the only change is that sections of the M0 is replaced with metal.
  • M2- extra metal coating is applied. Most items also have diagonal airvents in their M2 version. In addition, most items will also have their shape slightly changed in some places. Some hulls get a metallic "rim" on the side.
  • M3- the item is given a completely different look and pattern. Hulls are also given a bright blue light on their front at this upgrade. There are geometrical shapes that cover the tank's tracks for more protection.

In addition, for turrets, each new M version usually has its own projectile look and animation when hitting the target (e.g. rail M0: light blue M1: dark blue M2: light purple m3: yellow/golden).


Sources and references

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