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Turrets are the weapon of the tank, mounted on top of the hull. Along with hulls and paints, they complete the full tank. As of 2015, there are 11 different turrets, and 5 XT versions.

Turrets have their own properties: rate of fire, damage per shot, max range, and so on. Each turret has special abilities- some are unique- which define the way the turret works.

Turret types

There are three main categories of turrets: short-range, which is for turrets with a very limited range; medium-range, which can perform effectively beyond the range of short-range turrets; and finally, long-range turrets, which are effective even at very large distances - sometimes even on the other side of a map. A turret may go to one of those categories, or inherit the properties of more than one category; Hammer, for instance, is a short-range turret, but it can also be very powerful in medium ranges.

Behavior and properties

The turret is mounted on top of the hull's mounting spot, which varies between the different hulls. Firing is done using the space bar, and the turret can be rotated to the left and right using the < and > keys, respectively. Moving the turret back to its initial spot is done by holding the ? key. In Mouse Control mode, the turret is rotated by moving the mouse, and firing is done by pressing the left mouse bottom.

Turrets have a wide variety of parameters, in addition to the usual damage and rate of fire values, which also determine how the turret-hull combination will perform. For instance, a high recoil may require adjusting the aiming when using light hulls, which can be cancelled out by moving to heavier hulls; but on the other hand, light hulls combined with high-recoil turrets make it easier to controll the tank's fall when falling off high areas and landing safely, and are good for parkour.

Each turret also has its unique projectile. Some hit the targets instantaneously, while for certain turrets it takes a while for the projectile to travel from the muzzle to the target. For Melee Turrets, the projectiles can pass through tanks, and also have a reversed effect when hitting teammates (e.g. Freeze cools down burning tanks). Projectiles also have an auto-aiming system, which allows the shot to hit the target even if it has a very small offset.


Just like hulls, turets also come in four different versions: M0, M1, M2 and M3, each one is an improved and a better version than the previous. When buying a turret for the first time, as well as when upgrading a turret, the player pays for the highest version available at their rank. M0 is the most basic version- with the lowest damage, range and rotation speed; while M3 is the most advanced, with the highest parameter values.

The other type of upgrade for turrets is micro-upgrades, which are tiny enhancements for the parameters of the turret- each micro-upgrade corresponds to one of the turret's parameters. A parameter can be upgraded until its value is the same as the next M upgrade's. If a turret has all its parameters fully-upgraded, the player is able to get the next M upgrade for free.

List of Turrets

The following section lists turrets, from lightest to heaviest.


Turret firebird m0 2


Main article: Firebird

Firebird is unlocked at the rank of Recruit. It is the one of the most powerful turrets in Tanki, yet is limited in range. It shoots a burning stream of napalm, which can pass through tanks and damage multiple enemies simultaneously. A damaged enemy will be set on fire and lose health for while the burning effect takes place- which can last several seconds- and will be destroyed if runs out of health, even if the damaging Firebird stopped firing. Firebird can also thaw allies frozen by Freeze. It also has an XT version.


Turret freeze m0


Main article: Freeze

Freeze is unlocked at the rank of Corporal. It is a short-range weapon, with a very high rate of fire, and the highest rotation speed(M3) in the game. It shoots a burst of cold air, which slows down enemies while damaging them, and also cools down burning teammates. Due to the fact that its attack slows down enemies, it can destroy enemies without being hit back, even with heavier hulls.


Turret isida m0


Main article: Isida

Isida is unlocked at the rank of Sergeant. It is a short-range weapon, which shoots a stream of nanobots. While hitting an enemy, a certain fraction of the dealt damage is converted to health and revives the shooting Isida, and when aimed at teammates, the Isida heals them, and receives experience points in exchange.


Turret hammer m0


Main article: Hammer

Hammer is unlocked at the rank of Master Corporal. It is a shotgun that shoots a series of tiny pellets, capable of achieving a high damage at short ranges, and even somewhat in medium ranges. It has a 3-shot magazine, which has to be emptied before reloading. There is an interval of roughly 1.5 seconds between the shots, depending on the level of upgrade, and reloading takes several seconds.


Turret twins m0


Main article: Twins

Twins is unlocked at the rank of Recruit. The gun consists of two barrels which alternately shoot colored orbs- one every 0.25 seconds- which fade once reaching the maximum range. It takes a while for the projectiles to reach the target, and each one of them deals a low damage, but when firing non-stop, it achieves an incredibly high damage over a short period of time. Due to its relative low projectile speed, it is mostly effective in short to mid ranges.


Turret ricochet m0


Main article: Ricochet

Ricochet is unlocked at the rank of Sergeant. It is a short to mid-range turret, which shoots high-speed projectiles, capable of bouncing off walls. As a result, and due to its fast reload time, Ricochet can deal a high damage within seconds to enemies behind walls, before the enemies have the Ricochet in their sight. Ricochet also has a very high recoil, which is also useful for knocking an enemy's aim. If the projectiles bounch back and hit the player, they would deal self-damage, and can self-destruct the player if they are at low health.


Turret smoky m0


Main article: Smoky

Smoky is the gun that all players receive when creating an account, and can be effective in all ranges. It has a high rate of fire and shoots projectiles that deal medium damage. Every few shots, however, it will randomly fire a critical shot, capable of dealing an incredibly high damage. It is also the turret with the highest number of upgradable parameters.


Turret vulcan m0 September 2015


Main article: Vulcan

Vulcan is unlocked at the rank of Corporal. It is a machine gun, capable of firing an unlimited number of rounds. However, firing non-stop heats the turret (the magazine bar is used as a thermometer), and when firing for too long, the tank starts burning, which deals self-damage. The burning effect can be stopped by stopping firing and giving the turret a moment to cool down, or using a teammate Freeze or Isida. If the tank keeps burning and runs out of health, the player would automatically self-destruct.


Turret thunder m0


Main article: Thunder

Thunder is unlocked at the rank of Gefreiter. It shoots explosive rounds, capable of damaging any enemy near the explosion, and is effective at all ranges. However, at very short ranges it can also damage itself, and self-destruct when on low health. It also has an XT version.


Turret striker m0


Main article: Striker

Striker is unlocked at the rank of Gefreiter. It is a missile launcher, capable of locking on target and firing either 1 or 4 missiles homing missiles, capable of following the target and dealing splash damage.


Turret railgun m0


Main article: Railgun

Railgun is unlocked at the rank of Private. It shoots projectiles that travel instantaneously in a straight line, only leaving behind a distinctive trail that quickly fades away. Its shots pack a very high damage, and can shoot several enemies in a row; each time it hits an enemy in its path, the given shot's damage is reduced. It also has a very long reload time, which makes it mostly effective at long and medium ranges. It also has a very high impact force and- in exchange- a high recoil. It also has an XT version.


Turret shaft m0


Main article: Shaft

Shaft is unlocked at the rank of Master Corporal. It is a sniper rifle, which can fire at two modes: arcade mode, by aiming the turret at the target and then quickly pressing space; and sniping mode, by holding the space bar, which includes an optical scope that zooms in until its maximum zoom or firing- by releasing the space bar. Shaft has a slightly long reloading time, but its shots pack the highest damage in the game. It is mostly effective at long ranges, since its turret rotation in sniping mode is very slow, and due to the fact that its arcade mode shots are much weaker.


Main article: Magnum

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