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About Test Info

The Tanki-Test Server is a website where you input codes into the home screen chat to do some commands. As the name states, this server can be mostly used to test things like different Turret -Hull combinations, parkour, new physics and/or gameplay, etc. Test Server will not alway be open for the public.

If there is a server that is open, and it requires an "Invitation code", it will not be possible to enter unless you are an actual tester/moderator. 

Tanki Online Test Server
Trusted1021Added by Trusted1021

The gameplay is still the exact same as the normal Tanki. There are command codes that you type in the homescreen chat. The most used ones (if not the only used) are these commands:

Test-Server Commands (don't include the brackets)

  • /addscore [1234567]
  • /add cry [4166479]

!Attention! The "amount" can only contain 7 digits

In some servers (i.e., Server 7), the commands DO NOT work. 

Current Test-Server(s) Status

The status of the servers will be updated by Trusted1021 (talk) AKA Safwan only from 16:20 to 23:00 (UTC)

Server 1: Open- 99 million cry (auto); Generalissimo (auto);  Chat available; Command codes not working

Server 2: Offline        Server 3: Offline       

Server 4: Offline        Server 5: Offline       

Server 6: Offline        Server 7: Offline       

Server 8: Offline


  • Test Server has 2 divisions. English and Russian. Both have 8 seperate servers.
  • This website used to be only accesible by professional Tanki STAFF and authorized players. It still is, but is open once in a while. People needed to have a special "Invite Code" sent from another authorized player of Test Server.
  • There was a server where anyone can register and play on it. It was called "testcore". This server was only in Russian but players could still chat in English.
  • Recently, the website made all the servers accessible by anyone. Although, the servers are usually offline for various purposes.

Website for Test Server:

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