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Welcome to the Tanki Online Wiki!
Welcome to the Tanki Online Wiki! This site is a free wiki for information about the game Tanki Online. We offer a platform for both writing about the game- in our articles- and sharing tips- in special tips pages. We currently have 196 articles and 2,077 images in the wiki. You can help by expanding articles or create new ones.
What is Tanki Online?
Tanki Online is an online game, featuring battles that take place in various maps. Each player (known as a Tanker) starts with a basic tank, and needs to earn more score in order to progress in the game. The more the tanker plays, the more advanced equipment they can buy.

Battles come in various formats, such as Capture The Flag and Deathmatch, and can be played in teams or solo. Each battle is developed in a unique way, as a result of the skills of the players, their equipment and their playing style.

The game exists on 3 platforms:

  • Flash-based environment for the browser. Can be played here
  • Desktop version of the flash version. Will usually run faster. Can be downloaded from the official game website
  • Tanki X- a Unity3D-based version of tanki. Tanki X has its own game mechanics and database, and therefore your Tanki Online account and Tanki X accounts are separate
Game News and Events
  • The 2016 Halloween celebrations are on! The main party features are the following:
    • A Halloween map will be available from October 29 to October 31! Make sure to check it out, because it will have a special mission!
    • Holiday paints:
      • You can buy the current version of the Holiday paint for 120,000 crystals, which will remain in your garage forever
      • The Zombie paint is available via the Shop tab of the game for real-life purchases. Upon buying you receive the paint, win 7 days of premium account, 15 unites of each supply and earn 15,000 crystals
    • 31% discounts on:
      • Modules (October 24-26)
      • Paints (October 26-27)
      • Hulls (October 27-29)
      • Turrets (October 29-31)
    • A special "Candies" gift
  • The 2016 Rebalance: major changes in the game occurred. The main changes are the parameters of all turrets and hulls, as well as their garage prices
  • All supplies now have a 30% discount
  • Episode 111 of the Tanki V-Log is out! You can watch it here
Site rules
In the Tanki Online Wiki, our goal is keep articles about the game with objective, up-to-date information. Vandalism, spam, bullying and other acts of harassment or sabotaging in the wiki's content are not acceptable.
The wiki has a detailed list of rules here. In a nutshell, try not to present unconfirmed or fan-made content as actual fact, and try not to start or take part in fights between users. You can always contact an admin if you're experiencing some problems in the site.
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