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Tankionline (english) Wiki

The Tanki Online Wiki is the place where all the fans come for information and tips on the game!
The Tanki Online Wiki is the place where all the fans come for information and tips on the game!

About the Game

Welcome to the largest English Tanki Online wiki on the web !

The Tanki Online wiki is a place where all the Tanki Online fans come for information, tips, and games! Here, you will be able to find help and valuable information from other players. Please offer your advice if you feel like you can help others! If you can't find an article, help create it or visit the Tanki Online Forum. To set up an account and start playing with your own tank, click here, or if you do not know how to set up an account come here.

Tanki Online is an awesome game in which you make your own military career, choose your tank and fight. You can also set up a clan or team and fight for prizes from Tanki so you can even get cool gaming items as keyboards, Tanki mugs, mouses, headphones and Tanki T-shirts and that's not all, there is still a LOT more to Tanki that you can do! Also, anyone can now submit their own Tanki Online Fan Art right here in Tanki Wikia!

Take a quick glance at Tanki by watching this video:

Tanki Online gameplay video-101:19

Tanki Online gameplay video-1

We have a total of 21,107 edits and professional active users and 5 admins/mods!

Game Updates
Please welcome Tanki's latest contest, Craft-A-Tank! Learn more here
Tanki X Beta Signup
Sign ups are happening for the new Tanki X project. Learn more here
New Gifts are in the Game
Tanki Online now features 10 gifts for giving your best wishes or congratulation to another tanker. Check it out here
Important News
As of recent, a large number of "copies" of game equipment pictures have been uncovered, these copies are going to be removed by Admins and once an original first image of the equipment has been posted, no other further copies of it are to be made, be it slightly edited or not, if the act is repeated by any editor, he/she will be banned for a day and eventually a week. Henceforth, it is advised for all editors to read the Rules before attempting to add any content in the wiki, otherwise they will be subject to stern consequences.
Information updates, further attempt of making the information more accessible, preparation of a Game Guides App compatible version of this wiki
In Progress
Constant updates of latest Game activity.
Wiki is now able to be edited again, just please do make an account if you are going to make an edit.
The Wikia now has a new cleaner look to it so as to suit the changes that are coming (Yes, Adnan has more plans).
New Wiki Managers
Old MAIN Administrators(s)
Featured Videos
Tanki Online gameplay video-201:08

Tanki Online gameplay video-2

Featured Polls
How familiar you in Tanki?

The poll was created at 00:47 on May 14, 2015, and so far 346 people voted.
What Sort of Hack Do you See the Most in Gameplay by other Players?

The poll was created at 16:10 on January 30, 2015, and so far 417 people voted.
Latest Activity
The rules are as follows: 
  • The wiki's main categories or pages shall not be vandalized or deleted without Admin/Founder's notice. Any person who does so will be immediately blocked and seized of editing rights, be it contributors or registered users. 
  • Badge farming is against the rules, you will be punished severely if you break this rule.
  • No page on this wiki shall have any profanity, vandalism, discussions about foreign topic, adult content, spamming, insulting, racism, cheat links or any of them. If such pages are discovered then they will be deleted immediately and any contributor / user who started / that assisted the page will be blocked forever and will be abduced of any rights he / she received through Admins, Bureaucrats or the Founder.
  • All wiki contributors that think they can get away with spam or useless comments on the forums will be banned for 20 years! So far, two people have already been banned for such an offence.
  • There will be no quarrelling; trolling; cheating; sending links to hacks, virus ridden websites or hacks. This accounts for all contributors and registered editors on the Wiki. 
  • Please have a happy time and enjoy browsing our website. If you think there is something missing in any of our articles please feel free to inform us or click the edit button. We are happy to listen to you. If you give info that is invalid or outdated, it will be immediately removed by a Admin or an Authorized user.
​To read the full set of rules so that you don't end up violating any of them go to our Rules Page
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