Tanki v log

The Tanki V-Log is a weekly video series by Tanki, featuring updates and information about the game. The V-Logs were introduced on June 6, 2014, and have been featured in the Tanki Online Home Page and in Tanki's YouTube channel.

The series is posted every Friday, and was hosted by Semyon Kirov, one of Tanki's staff members and a forum moderator, until episode 78, where he was replaced by Alex Lynch.


Each V-Log episode covers a variety of topics. Some of the more common topics are featured below.

  • Before the release of new features, the V-Logs often cover the purpose of these feature and the expected changes in the game. Similarly, after the release of new contents, the V-Logs cover them as well.
  • Video of the week- each week one of the videos submitted by players is picked to be the week's best video.
  • Fanart contests- once a while, when a submission contest is held (such as submiting drawings related to Tanki), it will be covered in the V-Log.
  • Information regarding clan battle contests, such as the StarLadder competitions, is announced in the V-Logs whenever such comptetitions are held.
  • Gold Hunter of the Week- features the name of the player who have collected the largest amount of Gold Boxes in the last seven days.
  • Test Box- starting at the 26th episode, V-Logs had an additional part in their end, featuring experimental drop boxes. Each episode featured its own unique box, which has an extraordinary affect on the tank or the map. The Test Box scene often ends either with text displaying "Fail","Win", or "Wat?".
  • An iterview with a developer/staff member about the game.
  • A pro's advice- tips by a tanker for a specific topic (e.g. controlling a particular turret). This topic was first introduced in episode 26.

Episode list


  • Episode 64 of the V-Log was uploaded to the German YouTube channel of Tanki, as oppose to the other videos, which were uploaded to the English channel.

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