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There are different teams or factions separated throughout a certain area, small skirmishes have started between some factions and a full out war is soon to start. (Setting: Large mountain range.)

"Move that ammunition over to those gas barrels over there so everything will be in one place when the battle starts kay?" Asked Lucy.

"Sure. Over here?" Replied Riko.

"Yeah, now also could you be a dear and fuel up the tanks and the other jet? I gotta do some recon with my glider and see if the South African team is getting near the mountain here."

"OK, Ill take a break after this though. Good luck!" Riko said in a frustrated tone.

Over in the South African base:

"MOVE MOVE MOVE!!! Field strip your rifles, clean them, and then polish them! Failure to do this task will end in... Well, I don't think you wanna know." Ordered October as he paced back and fourth in the bunker in front of the soldiers.

"Yes sir!" The seventeen soldiers said in unison.

The soldiers immediately started to break down and clean their rifles for fear of what may come if they disobeyed their strict orders.