All players in Tanki Online have a certain rank, which shows the progress of the player in the game. By taking part in battles, players earn experience points. The more experience points a player earns, the higher the player's rank is.

All players start the game at the rank of "Recruit", which is the lowest rank in the game. Each rank is unlocked once the player reaches the required number of experience points. There are a total of 30 ranks in the game- the last being Generalissimo, which is unlocked after earning a total of 1,400,000 experience points.

At the top of the game is a green bar, showing the progress from the beginning of the current rank, and how much is left until the player reaches the next rank.

Ranks for players with a premium account have a red ribbon as a background. This feature, however, can be toggled via the player's garage.


A player's rank is not just an indication to how far the player has reached in the game, but is also used to gain access to features in the game:

  1. Each item from the garage (passes, supplies, paints, turrets and hulls) are available to buy when reaching a particular rank.
    • Each M versions of a hull or a turret has its own unlocking rank.
    • In addition, each product kit has its own limited range of ranks at which it can be bought.
  2. Each map has its own minimum rank limit- players below the limit will not be able to create or enter a battle in this map. Some of the maps, however, are available to recruits.
  3. When creating a new battle in a server's battle list, a range of ranks is associated with this battle. Only players whose rank is included in the range are able to join. Also, the higher the player's rank is, the wider the range of ranks gets (for the player that creates the battle).
  4. The battle fund increases each time a tank is destroyed. The increase amount depends on the destroyed tank's rank (see table below, "Kill Value" column).
  5. The value of rewards from Daily Missions (this formerly affected the daily gifts).
  6. When ranking up, you receive a sum of crystals. The higher the rank is, the more crystals you get.

Table of Ranks

# Rank Insignia Premium Experience required Rankup reward[1] Kill funds Battle creation rank range
1 Recruit 1 Rank image premium 1 0 1,000[2] 0.6 2
2 Private 2 Rank image premium 2 100 10 0.9 2
3 Gefreiter 3 Rank image premium 3 500 30 1.2 2
4 Corporal 4 Rank image premium 4 1,500  ??? 1.5 2
5 Master Corporal 5 Rank image premium 5 3,700  ??? 1.8
6 Sergeant 6 Rank image premium 6 7,100  ??? 2.1
7 Staff Sergeant 7 Rank image premium 7 12,300  ??? 2.4
8 Master Sergeant 8 Rank image premium 8 20,000  ??? 2.7
9 First Sergeant 9 Rank image premium 9 29,000  ??? 3
10 Sergeant-major Sergeant-Major Rank Rank image premium 10 41,000  ??? 3.3
11 Warrant Officer 1 Warrant Officer 1 Rank Rank image premium 11 57,000  ??? 3.6
12 Warrant Officer 2 12 Rank image premium 12 76,000  ??? 3.9 5
13 Warrant Officer 3 13 Rank image premium 13 98,000  ??? 4.2
14 Warrant Officer 4 14 Rank image premium 14 125,000  ??? 4.5
15 Warrant Officer 5 15 Rank image premium 15 156,000  ??? 4.8
16 Third Lieutenant 16 Rank image premium 16 192,000  ??? 5.1
17 Second Lieutenant 17 Rank image premium 17 233,000  ??? 5.4
18 First Lieutenant 18 Rank image premium 18 280,000  ??? 5.7
19 Captain 19 Rank image premium 19 332,000  ??? 6
20 Major 20 Rank image premium 20 390,000  ??? 6.3
21 Lieutenant Colonel 21 Rank image premium 21 455,000  ??? 6.6
22 Colonel 22 Rank image premium 22 527,000  ??? 6.9
23 Brigadier 23 Rank image premium 23 606,000  ??? 7.2
24 Major General 24 Rank image premium 24 692,000  ??? 7.5
25 Lieutenant General 25 Rank image premium 25 787,000  ??? 7.8
26 General 26 Rank image premium 26 889,000  ??? 8.1
27 Marshal 27 Rank image premium 27 1,000,000  ??? 8.4
28 Field Marshal Field Marshal Rank Rank image premium 28 1,112,200  ??? 8.7
29 Commander Commander Rank Rank image premium 29 1,255,000  ??? 9
30 Generalissimo Generalissimo Rank Rank image premium 30 1,400,000  ??? 9.3 11
31+ Legend Rank image 31 Rank image premium 31 For rank Legend n:
1,400,000 + 200,000n
9.9 11


The Legend rank follows the Generalissimo. Each time the player earns 200,000 more experience points, they receive a higher Legend rank; i.e. "Legend" at 1,600,000, "Legend 2" at 1,800,000, "Legend 3" at 2,000,000 and "Legend n" at 1,600,000 + 200,000n. Each time the player reach a new Legend rank, they also receive 40,000 crystals.

All Legend ranks have the same icon, but starting Legend 2, the number of the rank is added after the word "Legend". Just like the rest of the ranks, the Legend rank is also given a red banner background when owning a premium account.

The Legend rank was first announced in episode 112 of the Tanki V-Log,[3] and was implemented on November 9, 2016.[4] When the feature was implemented, all players who had had a sufficient number of experience for reaching any of the Legend ranks were automatically ranked up to the corresponding rank, and received a bonus of exactly 40,000, regardless of how high their Legend rank was.


  • "Gefreiter" is a German word meaning "exempted" and is a rank in the German military roughly equivalent to a US Army corporal. This may be a result of an incorrect translation.
  • "Generalissimo" is an Italian word and refers to the highest rank in several militaries around the world. With the exception of these two ranks, all other ranks are English words.
  • Players with a premium account have a red ribbon behind their rank symbol. It can be hidden or displayed via a checkbox in the Premium Account menu in the garage.
  • Before the introduction of the Legend rank, when reaching the rank of Generalissimo, the progress bar remained full, and the rank text reads "n / 0" (where n is the amount of all collected experience points).
  • If a player gets destroyed and ranks up before respawning, the "Congratulations" message with the earned crystals will appear as normal, while the rankup animation will be played immediately when respawning.


Sources and references

  1. Refers to the sum earned upon reaching the given rank
  2. Upon creating an account, all players start with 1,000 crystals
  3. Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 112
  4. The Legend Rank is here!

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