Railgun XT is a special, modified version of Railgun. They both share a similar design, but the XT's stats have a 50% boost. The ranks required for upgrading, however, is the same.



Railgun XT was first available in December 2014, during the annual holiday event. It became available On December 29, 2014 for 150,000 crystals, and was available until January 12, 2015, at 02:00 AM, UTC. Its price was lowered each day, starting on January 1, until its price reached 1,500 crystals on January 11. The prices for the M1, M2 and M3 upgrades were identical, and lower than the M0's price. Each new price was lower than the previous price by about 34%. On January 12, Railgun XT was removed from all garages.


Date Price
M0 Mn (n > 0)
December 29-31 150,000 ???
January 1 98,000  ???
January 2  ???  ???
January 3 43,000 14,000
January 4  ???  ???
January 5 18,500  ???
January 6 12,000  ???
January 7  ???  ???
January 8 5,000 1,750
January 9 3,500 1,200
January 10  ???  ???
January 11 1,500  ???


When the Daily Missions were launched on July 13, 2015, players at the Generalissimo rank could earn it permanently by getting a rare task, of destroying 9,999 enemies, whith the Railgun XT as a reward.


  • Starting at the M2 upgrades, Railgun XT can take part in format battles.
  • During the New Years celebrations of 2014, Hornet XT and the Frost were also available in a similar way.


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