Railgun is a turret in Tanki Online, unlocked at the rank of Private. It fires high a metal projectile that instantly hits its target, and is capable of damaging a row of tanks. It is mostly effective at mid and long ranges. It works well alongside shaft just without the scope.


Railgun has a very long reloading time- roughly the same time it takes Hammer to reload an empty magazine. When firing, there is a short delay until the projectile is fired, and therefore it requires practice to get used to the delay and to get the timing of shots right. However, once fired, the projectile will travel in a straight line instantaneously, hitting any target on its path, while leaving a glowing trail behind, that quickly fades away. The color of the trail is determined by the M version of Railgun.

It has a very high impact force, which can potentially get Railgun users flipped, especially if when using light hulls. On the other hand, it also has the highest impact force per projectile in the game, which mostly results in knocking off an enemy's aim.

The Railgun's rotation speed is also relatively slow. When combining the turret's rotation speed with the accumulative rotation speed of the tanker's hull, hitting targets at close-range becomes easier.

Railgun's shot do not lose power when hitting distant targets, but the minimum damage will be dealt if the target is being hit in a shallow angle. Railgun's projectile, which travels in a straight line and hits any target in its path, loses some of its power each time it hits a target. The leftover damage is determined by the penetrating power parameter, which becomes higher each M version of Railgun, and can also be micro-upgraded. In general, the leftover damage can be expressed in the following way- $ D_n = D_{0} * P^{n} $, where D0 is the initial damage, n is the number of tanks that the attack has penetrated, P is the penetrating power and Dn is the dmage that the next attacked would be dealt if hit.

Pros and Cons

Plus Pros:

  • High damage
  • Can penetrate multiple tanks at once
  • High impact force. Recoil can be used to achieve a soft land when jumping off high places
  • Good for parkour
  • Affordable (total price is almost exactly the average of all turrets' versions)
  • No damage drop off (infinite range)
  • Min damage only applies when hitting a target at a shallow angle
  • Works well with shaft but without the scope.

Minus Cons:

  • Long reload time
  • Short delay before the projectile is fired
  • Slow turret rotation speed (especially at M0)
  • Equipping with light hulls will cause it to flip and(possibly) do self damage
  • Hard to aim


Railgun's high damage and infinite range, along with the fact that its damage does not decrease over distance, makes it great for hitting distant target. It also comes in handy when there is need to destroy a group of tanks, thanks to its penetration power.

Due to its long-range properties, it is mainly effective in large maps, where the player can reveal himself only when shooting from the distance, hitting cover, and then take cover while the turret is reloading.

Its high impact force allows it to flip other tanks, which is useful for knocking off an enemy's aim. The enemy tank can easily get flipped, especially if the tank fires while being hit by the railgun shot. The recoil is also useful to change a tank's flipping while falling over high areas, in order to achieve a soft landing.

In addition to that, its high recoil and impact force make it used a lot in parkour battles. In format battles, it is the only turret allowed in the XP, BP and XP/BP modes, and is also widely used in the parkour mode.

Upgrades overview

  • Railgun M1- is given a huge boost to all parameters. The rotation speed is increased by roughly 50%; the max damage is significantly increased, and the min damage is equal to the max damage of the M0 version; the penetration power impact force and reloading time are also drastically increased. This version allows killing M0 Hornets with a single shot. The trail color is a more intense blue.
  • Railgun M2- has addition changes which makes it even more powerful. The penetration power is increased by about 20%, yet it is enough for achieving multikills in many cases. Unlike all other M versions, it is the only one that is not capable of destroying a Wasp with the same M version, yet a few micro-upgrades will allow it to kill even a Hornet M2. The color of the shots is light purple.
  • Railgun M3- has a series of improvements. Its reloading time is increased by about half a second, and its impact force and rotation speed are given a decent boost. Its damage is given a high boost, and the penetration power becomes very high. The trail of its shots becomes golden.

Railgun XT

Main article: Railgun XT

During the Holiday celebrations in December 2014, a temporary rental turret was available- the Railgun XT- which is an improved version of Railgun. It was available to buy and use until the end of the event, at which it was removed from all garages. It became available a second time to Generalissimos from Daily Missions.

Table of characteristics

M0 M1 M2 M3
Rank available Rank icon 2 Private Rank icon 13 Warrant Officer 3 Rank icon 18 First Lieutenant Rank icon 27 Marshal
Price Crystal250 Crystal31,400 Crystal96,100 Crystal226,250
Accumulative price Crystal250 Crystal31,650 Crystal127,750 Crystal354,000
Damage 276-571 451-914 530-1070 673-1351
Impact force 233 372 435 549
Reload speed 5.46 4.97 4.75 4.35
Rotation speed 60.9 70.6 75 82.9
Penetrating power 51.5% 67.6% 75% 88.2%
View in Garage
Turret railgun m0
Turret railgun m1
Turret railgun m2
Turret railgun m3


  • It is great to damage enemies enough so they are weak for your teammates to take them out faster and still get you some points.
  • The turret is based on the experimental real-life gun, the railgun, which uses powerful magnetic fields to propel a projectile to speeds unreachable by current armamen
  • It works great along side a shaft user but without the scope.

The paints Forester, Chainmail, Dirty, Corrosion, turdra, fracture, sandstone, digital, blacksmith, winter, savanna, emerald, tiger, prodigi, raccoon, Picasso, clay, premium, acid, champion, silver, bronze, veteran, star, lucky7, master of parkour, helper and lord have extra armour against the railgun.



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