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Nano Tank


This is a crude drawing of the NANO Tank

M0 Cost: 6500
M0 Armor/Health 85
M0 Speed 4.0
M0 Manuverability 40
M0 Rank: Staff Sergeant
M1 Cost: 75000
M1 Armor/Health: 115
M1 Speed: 4.5
M1 Manuverability: 60
M1 Rank: W O 2
M2 Cost:


M2 Armor/Health: 150
M2 Speed: 5.0
M2 Manuverability: 80
M2 Rank: Colonel
M3 Cost: 850000
M3 Armor/Health: 235
M3 Speed: 6.5
M3 Manuverability: 100
M3 Rank: Marshal


This tank is special. When you first see this tank, you may be thinking: "hmmm, looks like a downgraded version of Dictator". Well, this tank has a special feature: when you get attacked, the heat from the blow activates trillions of nanites to repair your tank. The downside about this ability is that when attacked by Freeze or Isida, the nanites start to attack you! The only way to overcome this is just simply by running away, also Isidas cannot heal you! But now with so many players using Firebird they can heal you with a simple flame. The heat from your teams firebird turret heals you without damaging you! In addition to that, when you are attacked by an enemy firebird, you lose only half as much health as you would with a regular tank and the burning effect does no damage to you whatsoever, but since the burning effect is heat, it triggers the nanites to continue repairing you! But since the heat proof upgrade only comes at M2, this tank only half heals itself at M0-M1 but this is still a VERY great investment. This tank is sort of the same size as viking so it has a LOT of stability. 


M0 Cost:  150
M0 Armor/Health: 200
M0 Speed: 1.0
M0 Manuverability: 10
M0 Rank: Staff Sergeant
M1 Cost: 9000
M1 Armor/Health 257 
M1 Speed: 2.0
M1 Manuverability: 50
M1 Rank: W O 3
M2 Cost: 400000
M2 Armor/Health: 350
M2 Speed: 3.0
M2 Manuverability: 70
M2 Rank: Marshal
M3 Cost: 900000
M3 Armor/Health: 475
M3 Speed: 4.5
M3 Manuverability: 120
M3 Rank: Generalissimo
Other atributes:

Is best used for defending the flag.

Best used with either shaft, railgun, or Freeze


This tank is a symbol of power showing that you wont go down without a fight. This tank is best used to either defend your team while they are getting the flag or just defending your flag. Also with this tank at M3, you can start to capture flags as well if you NOS. But, because of its extremely high armor, this tank becomes VERY heavy so when you jump of a hieght on a map while trying to steal a flag or running away, you will take some fall damage. The only way to avoid this is by having on a double shield. This tank represents power on the battlefield so be careful when fighting these tanks. Also, this tank is the best for sniping enemies because of its great stability.

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