What is Overdrive:

The Overdrive Feature was added in the recent update when the Tanki developers decided to bring back "Zero Supply" permanently. If can be activated by pressing <SHIFT> when the you charge your Overdrive to 100%

To charge your Overdrive, you need to

  • Destroy Tanks
  • Capture Flags
  • Capture Points
  • Not Mult

The Overdrive also passively charges even when you are not doing anything. However, charging your Overdrive like that will take a long time

When Overdrive is activated, it activates ALL SUPPLIES (excluding Goldbox supplies) and also gives that attribute to any other tank in a close radius to your tank

When activated, a blue "force field" bursts out from your tank, indicating you have activated your Overdrive. Unlike activating supplies, the enemy can still see the blue "force field" out of render distance (the distance where you cannot see the enemy team's health bar)

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