Mammoth is a heavy hull in Tanki Online, which is unlocked at the rank of Gefreiter. It is the heaviest and slowest hull in the game, and in exchange for its mobility has the most protective armor.


Mammoth is the heaviest and slowest among all hulls, and in exchange for its mobility has the most protective armor. The point on which the turret is mounted is located on the very front, and its rear is long and low.

It is, along with Titan, one of the two heavy hulls in the game and, despite being heavy, Mammoth has less power than, which means that a Titan is capable of pushing a Mammoth face-to-face.

Pros and Cons

Plus Pros:

  • High health.
  • Very affordable (except for its M3 upgrade). Also cheap in terms of buying all upgrades.
  • Nearly impossible to flip.

Minus Cons:

  • Very slow.
  • Poor turning speed.
  • Its large dimensions make it a clear target.


Although being slow means being more vulnerable, especially to medium to long-range turrets, Mammoth packs a huge amount of armor, which makes it perfect for a variety of uses.

First of all, with roles at which speed comes second to armor and fire power, such as guarding control points and flags, Mammoth can be used to attack any enemy that gets near the guarded area and eliminate it before getting too close.

Despite its low speed, with the right combination of supplies and possibly teammate Isidas, a Mammoth enables a team to break into the enemy's base can cause major destruction. This is particularly good in the CTF mode for creating a diversion. If it is in the front of a line of tanks, it will become a barrier of some sort.

In the Deathmatch mode, its high protection allows it to achieve a high kills/deaths ratio. It also works almost psychologically, since an enemy who faces a heavily-armored Mammoth and another, lighter hull, is more likely to focus on hitting the lighter hull, allowing the Mammoth to avoid attacks without the need of speed.

Mammoth works very well with long-range turrets, as the garage description suggests, due to the fact that most most hits by far-away enemies will reach their minimum damage before hitting the Mammoth tanker, and the hull's good armor will protect the player of enemy Shafts and Railguns- which do not have their damage decreased over distance- very well.

Mammoth, however, can perform very well with short to mid-range turrets, in particular when the turret has a high rate of fire (e.g. Twins, Smoky and Firebird). When used with Isida, for example, the self-healing ability will allow a Mammoth to last much longer in battle, and make it very difficult to destroy at a close range.

Upgrades overview

  • Mammoth M1- the hull gets slightly upgraded, speed gets higher, becomes heavier, is more maneuverable. Other than that you get two holders on your tank's front end, which will be used to hold the headlights in the M3 upgrade.
  • Mammoth M2- the tank gets noticeably faster and stronger in this upgrade, you can see visual differences as well. This upgrade is unlocked at a high rank of Major so that battles are evenly equal in firepower as well as strength.
  • Mammoth M3- this version is very protective, and is nearly as fast as Titan M0. It gets blue headlights on the front and the wheels get a shiny new look. In addition, there is a major increase in weight and power.

Table of characteristics

M0 M1 M2 M3
Rank available Rank icon 3 Gefreiter Rank icon 7 Staff Sergeant Rank icon 20 Major Rank icon 30 Generalissimo
Price Crystal400 Crystal3,200 Crystal76,700 Crystal244,200
Accumulative price Crystal400 Crystal3,600 Crystal80,300 Crystal324,500
Protection 172 207 320 407
Speed 4.06 4.18 4.56 4.85
Maneuverability 40.5 45.4 61.5 73.8
Weight 3618 3853 4618 5206
Power 729 788 979 1126
View in Garage
Hull mammoth m0
Hull mammoth m1
Hull mammoth m2
Hull mammoth m3



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