Hornet is a light hull in Tanki Online, which is unlocked at the rank of Corporal. Since update 114, Hornet is slightly slower than Wasp. It has a tendency to drift around corners.


Hornet is the second fastest hull in the game. Its speed is very close to Wasp's, but it is packed with extra protection. Despite being a lighter hull than Hunter, it is slightly heavier and has more power.

When using Speed Boost, maneuvering the hull in sharp corners can get the tank flipped if the player is not careful enough.

In addition to all of that, Hornet also has its own Format Battle- the XT mode- for the combination of Hornet and Railgun.

As of 2015, Hornet is also the most used hull in the game, used roughly by 50% of the players.[1]

Pros and Cons

Plus Pros:

  • Very cheap- the cheapest hull to buy and upgrade to M3, and the only one that requires less than 300,000 crystals for doing so
  • Second fastest hull in the game
  • Good for capturing flags in CTF
  • Good for parkour
  • Its small dimensions make it a smaller target, and allow it to go through narrow places
  • Does not complete trade off armor for speed

Minus Cons:

  • Lacks protection
  • Unstable in corners, especially when using Speed Boost
  • Can be flipped relatively easily
  • Its M1 upgrade is the second most expensive (after Hunter)
  • Flips over when driving too fast.
  • Armor is somewhat weak


Being just a little bit slower than Wasp, yet having more protection, gives it a range of applications when speed is crucial, but survival is still essential. One of them is tanking the enemy's flag in Capture The Flag- the high speed allows the player to return to safe zone with no procrastination, and thereby reducing the chances of getting hit by fire; catching up with and escorting teammates with Isida and Hornet, and healing them; using Firebird or Freeze with it, which perform very well with light hulls, and the textra protection of Hornet allow the player to last longer.

It also plays a major role in the map Monte Carlo, where it can be used to jump off the map's ramps over the abyss and to safe ground on the other side, allowing it to make shortcuts, which is especially useful good in the CTF and CP modes.

In addition, its high speed makes it popular fo parkour. When used with a high recoil turret, and then accelerating and turning to the direction of a nearby, Hornet can climb on top of that other tank, which is also useful for catching Gold Boxes.

Hornet XT

Known for its beautiful wings and flawless look. Hornet XT has the exact same parameters as regular Hornet M3. Hornet XT was added back into the game on July 14, 2015 along with Daily Missions - which could be obtained by completing a specific Daily Mission or by purchasing it in the Garage for 500 000 crystals whilst having a Premium Account. This version of Hornet differed from its original counterpart only by looks, and not by any extra or higher statistics.

Hornet XT

Hornet XT

Learn more in Main Article: 

Main article: Hornet XT

Table of characteristics

M0 M1 M2 M3
Rank available Corporal Rank icon 12 Warrant Officer 2 Rank icon 17 Second Lieutenant Rank icon 24 Major General
Price Crystal400 Crystal23,100 Crystal70,500 Crystal225,050
Accumulative price Crystal350 Crystal23,450 Crystal93,950 Crystal388,300
Protection 1000 1,323.53 1,470.59 1764.71
Speed 9.8 10.35 10.6 11.1
Maneuverability 73.5 89.4 98.2 110.6
Weight 1,100 1,455.88 1,617.65 1,941.18
Power 850 1,027.94 1,108.82 1,270.59
Hull hornet m0
Hull hornet m1
Hull hornet m2
Hull hornet m3

Micro-upgrade STATS (OUTDATED)

  • Table shows STATS for completely micro-upgraded Hornet XT M0, M1, M2, AND M3.
M0 + M1 + M2 + M3 +
Final Step Cost Crystal1,830 Crystal5,630 Crystal12,650 Crystal27,320
Total Cost Crystal23,044 Crystal70,552 Crystal158,302 Crystal388,300
Protection 82.9 --> 118.7 (+35.8) 118.7 --> 138.5 (+19.8) 138.5 --> 163.3 (+27.8) 166.3 --> 210.0 (+43.7)
Speed 9.18 --> 9.97 (+0.79) 9.97 --> 10.41 (+0.44) 10.41 --> 11.3 (+0.62) 11.3 --> 12.0 (+0.97)
Maneuverability 73.5 --> 89.4 (+15.9) 89.4 --> 98.2 (+8.8) 98.2 --> 110.6 (+12.4) 110.6 --> 130.0 (+19.4)
Weight 1271 --> 1588 (+317) 1588 --> 1765 (+177) 1765 --> 2012 (+247) 2012 --> 2400 (+338)
Power 882 --> 1028 (+146) 1028 --> 1109(+81) 1109 --> 1222 (+113) 1222--> 1400 (+178)

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Sources and references

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