Barda Easter Egg troll scoreboard 2015

The following page consists of tactics for trolling your enemies. Some of these tactics are not just merely for fun. but can also give you or your team an advantage.


  • Push an AFK or a flipped teammate as an position them in a way that their tank would block a path and be used as a shield. This will prevent enemies from approaching your base, and in CTF will also prevent them from getting away easily.
  • If this technique has to work, you have to be on top of the ramp. When an enemy (or team-mate on parkour) comes up the ramp, you surge forward, making the enemy flip over.
    • This is particularly useful in Monte Carlo, where you can block the path of an enemy that uses the ramo shortcut, making them fall into the abyss and self-destruct.


  • Say something like "Can anyone help me please?" in public chat. An enemy that reads this might assume that you're flipped, and thereby could take less caution when approaching your base. When they are close, use an ambush technique.
  • Similarly, you could say something like "Isida help". If enemies see no player with Isida near you, they might drive towards you, assuming that you're nearly finished, not realizing that you have full or nearly full health.
  • When someone approaches you, drive in circles to make them think that your, them or the server lag. If they think the problem is about their computer, they might refresh, giving you precious time. In case they assume you have a high ping, they might just ignore you and move on, instead of trying to kill you.


  • When a gold box is about to drop, plant a mine over its drop zone. It will be for enemies almost impossible to avoid, especially when all the tanks pile up just before it hits the ground.
  • In DM mode, when you respawn, plant a mine before moving. Any enemy to respawn there who doesn't move fast enough would activate it and perhaps even die.
  • If there are signs with a skull and crossed bones, puch a tank while hurting them to blow them up the signs are landmines.


  • When you respawn near a heavier tank, drive into them before your tank materializes, and keep moving along with them, in a way that you will still be an undestructable shadow of your tank. In the meantime your teammates will be able to take down this enemy, allowing you to safely complete your respawn.
    • You can do the same, but the other way round. For instance, follow a teammate of yours as a shadow and into the enemy base. If their tank gets destroyed, you will materialize with full health, allowing you to steal the enemy flag more easily, or to destroy multiple enemies in their base.


  • See what type of turret your enemy is using, and time your shot in a way that it would hit the enemy just before they shoot at you. This way, if yourshot won't kill them, the combined impact force of your shot with the recoil of their gun could be enough to flip them over.
  • If you are in a map that has deep holes in the ground, push enemies into them, if possible. The enemy will then have to spend time in self-destruction and respawining.
  • If you have a turret strong enough, kill light enemies, and keep doing so when they respawn. Shaft can be a pretty good choice for this, since the respawn time is long enough for Shaft to reload.