Each tank in Tanki Online has a certain amount of health, which is affected by several factors. Damaging is the act of reducing a tank's health. As a result, when a tank gets damaged enough and runs out of health, it explodes, and respawns after 10 seconds. In general, a tanker can only cause damage to enemy tanks, with a few exceptions (see damage types section).

Damage types

Although damaging essentially means the loss of health, there are several ways and scenarios at which damage can be inflicted:

  • Offensive damage- the act causing damage to a tank using a turret or a mine
  • Self-damage- when using Ricochet, Thunder, Vulcan or Magnum, the player can potentially damage himself
    • Non-offensive self damage- Vulcan is essentially a special case of self-damage, since damages itself not by getting hit from its own projectiles, but by over-heating
  • Self-destructing- spontaneously exploading, and as a result losing all health and respawning after 10 seconds. This can happen ine one of 3 scenarios:
    1. When pressing "Delete", a 10-second countdown will start, and self-destruct the player when it ends
    2. Falling off a map's edge, intentionally or unintentionally. This can be done either by driving to its edge, or being pushed by another player
    3. Automatically self-destruct by the anti-cheating system. It is often initiated in tall maps, such as Madness, where the fall of a player from a high region is interpreted as cheating, even if that's not the case. Sometimes if you have a sudden change in y-axis, you will self destruct. For example (and is annoying): I was about to capture flag in Camp when an enemy pushed me up when i jumped from the ramp. result: I got killed, enemy return flag. This makes tank stacking harder. This was fixed.
  • Friendly Fire- in PRO battles, if the "Friendly Fire" option is enabled, the player will be able to cause damage to his own teammates as if they were enemy tanks

Increasing damage

Damage of turrets can be increased in one of three ways:

  1. Micro-upgrading the "Damage" parameter of a turret.
  2. Buying a higher modification of the turret.
  3. Equipping a Double Damage supply.

Reducing damage

Players can defend against damage in the following ways:

  1. Equipping a heavier hull- the heavier the hull is, the more protection it provides.
  2. MU-ing the hull.
  3. Buying a higher modification of the hull.
  4. Using a paint that provides protection against at least one turret. Paints can significantly reduce the inflicted damage (including self-damage).
  5. Equipping a Double Armor supply.

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