Crystals are the in-game virtual currency in Tanki Online. Crystals are used to buy items from the garage - hulls, turretspaints, modules, supplies, and passes, with the occasional surprise item, often associated with holidays or special days in the game. 

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Crystals can be earned and received in many different ways:

Earning Crystals

Also see: Battle Modes

Team Battles

  • Capture the Flag
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Control Points
  • Assault

Recieve crystals from the battle fund. The amount of crystals a player recieves depends on his overall performance in the match (Score and D/L)

Individual Battles

  • Deathmatch

Crystals are distributed depending on the number of tanks destroyed and points earned during the battle. The player receives crystals depending on their performance.

Gold Box Drop

Main Article: Gold Box

There are rare crystal boxes referred as Gold Boxes. These boxes give the player 1000

Box new

yahye gold

crystals. In some special events or occasions, Gold Boxes are given a value of Crystal600,000 crystals. 

Gold boxes stay on the ground until picked, due to a recent update.

Originially, the Gold Box was dropped when battle the fund reached a multiple ofCrystal700. Since Update 1.78.0 it can now appear in a battle with any fund size. The probability is 1 in 10,000.

There seems to be a strong relation between amount of active players related to maximum amount of players in the game. The more players, the higher the chance of a gold box dropping.

Daily Missions

Main article: Daily Missions

On certain missions, there is a 50% chance that the reward will be crystals, rather than supplies.

In-game Purchasing

Main article: Shop Crystals can be bought online from using real money (typically with a credit card).

Pricing starts off at $3.99 USD for the minimum amount ofCrystal6,000 all the way to $99.99 for Crystal143,000

Note: the amount of crystals can be doubled for the same cost if player uses a double-crystal card!

Referal Links

Crystals can be received by inviting a friend. Players can invite others to the game via link, email, and banner code.

The recruiters will get a certain amount of crystals everytime their friend ranks up, as well as the value of 10% of the crystals if their friend decides to purchase crystals.


Now, when you rank up you get crystals too. This took effect when Update 208 was released. For example if you rank up to Second Lieutenant they will give you Crystal7,900 crystals. Of course, you will have to play and earn experience to get those crystals. Here's a chart to show how much you earn each time you rank-up.

Referals new en

Rank-Up Rewards

Tanki Online Contests

Main Article: TO Contests Contests are usually not a very effective way of getting crystals as so many players are competing, making the probablity of winning low. But if players do win certain contests, they usually recieve huge amounts.

Tips for saving crystals

Completing Daily Missions

Enter the game daily for Daily Missions, and remember to get the rewards as soon as you complete each one. If you are not satisfied with your missions, replace your least favorite, but since only the first change on each day is free, don't waste money on further changes- there is no financial benefit in doing so.

  • Also, despite their high award, if you are stuck with a "Catch a Gold Box" missions, it is best to replace it as well. In the long term, it is much better to have 3 free mission slots - which can have crystal rewards- than having 2 free slots and a third with a task that you're struggling to complete.

Focusing on favourite hull and/or turrets

  • When upgrading hulls, it is usually best to focus on not more than one of each type - light, medium and heavy. The hulls of each category are somewhat similar, so if you want to invest in all three categories, it is best to pick your favorite of each type.
  • Don't spend your crystals on things that you won't use. For e.g. If you love the speed and playing with Hornet, don't get a high-modification of Mammoth (unless you are good with it too). This counts for different turrets as well. 
  • Concentrate on saving up your crystals for upgrading your favorite turret-hull combination. 

Avoiding unnecessary spending

  • Avoid micro-upgrading basic items (e.g. simple paints and M0 and M1 items. It is only beneficial to have advanced upgrades if you're using M3 equipment- which does not have more advanced versions - or paints with high protection that you will sure use frequently.
  • Do not spend crystals on micro-upgrades' speed ups- there is practically no benefit in having an item a few minutes earlier, if you are going to use it for the next few months or even years. You can use your equipment with the old values while the micro-upgrade is in progress, anyway.

Waiting for Sales

Always wait for a sale before buying or upgrading equipment. There are several rules that allow you to get the best out of a discount:

    • Wait for an event with a good discount. The best events for buying items are the Holidays in December, and Tanki's Birthday in June, which commonly have a 50% discount.
    • Use the discounts of hulls/turrets: if you have 3n turrets or 2n hulls of the same upgrade level, you get a 10% discount (where n is a positive integer). So if you are about to buy more than items of the same type (e.g. hulls) and the same upgrade, first buy the cheap one, which may make the discount on the next item larger.
    • Use the personal discounts from test drives to pay less for items.

Investing in Product Kits

If a product kit has items that you would like to possess, save up crystals for it. Even if the kit is to be removed very soon, it will almost certainly return to the game within a few weeks, so don't give up.

  • Since simultaneous discounts are merged and calculated to form a higher discount, plan ahead for getting a higher discount (e.g. a 40% discount from an event +20% personal discount from having a turret will result in a 52% discount a total).

Using Double Crystals Pass

  • If you're interested in buying crystals, wait until receiving a Double Crystals pass, or for an occasional discount on crystal purchases.
  • Don't buy supplies, unless they are in a discounted product kit.



A picture showing a crystal drop box back when they were still around

Tanki Online Guide Getting and Saving Up Crystals-004:32

Tanki Online Guide Getting and Saving Up Crystals-0


  • Update 208 introduced "Daily bonuses." They were given to Tankers when they were logging on to Tanki daily, and the amount of crystals recieved dependded on their rank. It was replaced by Daily Missions.
  • The old friend-referal system rewarded Crystal200for recruiting tankers on the spot, whether they rank up or not.
  • In the past, players were able to pick up "Crystal Boxes" that carried Crystal10However, crystal boxes no longer drop of a recent update a and are instead added to the battle fund when they should have been dropped.

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